Is it possible to get a longer cable?

Yes, any of our heavy duty kits (Raptor, Sky Rider & Adrenaline Rush series) can be any length going up by 50 ft increments.  The smaller Slackers series are limited to 100 feet of 3/16″ cable.

Can existing cable be replaced?

Want a longer zipline ride? Yes, we can do that! You can Visit our Zipline Cable page for more information.

Can you leave the Zipline up in weather?

You can leave the Zipline up however over time it will rust. Wipe dry before reusing. Remove trolley if left unused for longer periods.

What is the purpose of the Slackers Deluxe Bungeez Brake Kit? Is it necessary? How does it work?

The purpose of the Deluxe Bungeez Brake kit is to gradually slow down your Salckers Falcon, Hawk, Eagle or Night Riderz zip line as you approach the end of the line. It comes with a brake block, 15′ of bungee cord and bag to fill with 200lbs of sand. For a demo watch the Bungeez Brake Video.

How is the Brake Block Kit different from the Slackers Deluxe Bungeez Brake Kit?

The Brake Block Kit is for use with heavy duty 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ cable zip lines.  You unbolt the block and place it on your cable and then rebolt it back together.  A bungee is tied to the block, the distance from where the Brake Block sits at rest and the end of your zipline ride should be equal to the length of bungee rope you are using, slide your brake block to this point.  Starting at the ending point of your zip line, take the loose end of the bungee rope and walk towards the start of your zipline just until the brake want to start to slide.  This is about where you want to screw the bungee in a ground anchor or attach it to a tree, making sure that this point is about 5-10 feet off to the side of the zip line cble so you don’t run into the bungee rope when riding down the zip line.  TEST your brake block using your trolley with weights before you ride.  Adjustments to your bungee’s anchoring point may be needed, this is trial and error to get the correct safe stopping point.

What is the maximum cable length I can purchase?

The Slackers kits max out at 100 feet HOWEVER currently our heavy duty zip lines (Raptor, Sky Rider & Adrenaline Rush) max length is 600 feet in our kits, but longer lengths can be available should you require it, we would be happy to provide you with a quote.

What trolley will work best if we want to drop off into a pond or river, etc?

We would recommend that you consider the Tesa Speed Pulley or Advent Trolley.

Why isn’t the Z-Max Trolley suitable for dropping off over water?

The Z-Max trolley is spring loaded.  When you let go, there is a good chance that the cable could then get caught between the wheel and the metal casing and not be able to move freely on the cable.

Can your trolleys be removed for the cable for storage when we are away?

Yes, all of our trolleys are easily removed from the cable simply by unclipping the carabiner that holds the trolley on the line.  We recommend for your insurance protection that if you are going to be away from your property for any length of time,  you remove the trolley and store it somewhere safe to avoid having someone come on your property and trying to use your zip line improperly and being hurt.